Metasearch is growing. Google’s in the lead. Where do you fit in?

The Direct Booking Movement is moving to metasearch Download your free Hotelier's Guide to Metasearch here. MktoForms2.loadForm("//", "672-VJD-207", 1332); The travel industry loves a buzzword. Chatbots, artificial intelligence - and, yes, direct bookings - have each had their turn as the topic du jour of hospitality... read more »

3 Types of Loyalty

We often hear that customer loyalty is a thing of the past. Easily comparable pricing and instant access to information put paid to brand partisanship. But maybe loyalty is just diversifying. On stage at the Skift Forum Europe, Mr & Mrs Smith co-founders Tamara Heber-Percy and James Lohan suggested there... read more »

A Week in Travel News

What a week! Accor acquire AvailPro, Google move into package holidays - oh, and did we mention that a little startup called Triptease secured $9m in Series B funding? MONDAY 3RD APRIL: Travelzoo closes search business, sells domain On Monday, we heard that Travelzoo's venture into metasearch territory... read more »

ITB 2017 - In a Nutshell

ITB 2017 ended in slightly ironic fashion, with half the world’s travel industry scrambling to get on a flight out of Berlin after airline strikes were announced. For those of you that have managed to make it home, we’ve rounded up some of our key insights from the... read more »

You can’t catch a data advantage

Malte Siewert gave the standout talk at the inaugural Hotel Technolgy Forum, held in Berlin earlier this month. Malte is one of the three co-founders of Trivago. He whizzed through the explosive growth of his meta-search juggernaut, now valued at $4Bn. And gave a clear warning to companies entering the... read more »

The Reservation Benchmark

In pursuit of our mission to help hoteliers recapture guest relationships and increase conversions on their websites, we conducted a small piece of research. We asked hoteliers across the United States and Europe to describe their current approaches and attitudes toward the reservation process. We’ve made the results freely... read more »

Let’s chat about data

Business was booming. …and then one day, the internet was invented, and ‘boom’ was redefined. The arrival of an ever growing array of channels with which to bombard guests with messaging seemed like the marketer’s dream come true, but as IHG highlight in this year’s Trend Report: Addressing... read more »

Switzerland Takes a Stand Against OTAs

It’s official: Switzerland has joined the battle for direct bookings. And it’s not just hoteliers, but politicians too. The long story short: Swiss hoteliers aren’t happy with OTAs, and politicians are starting to fight back; something OTAs aren’t too happy about. Swiss politicians have stepped forward... read more »

The Direct Booking Summit Breakdown

In case you missed it, 200 hoteliers gathered at the Long View Gallery in Washington, D.C. September 13-14 to discuss a key relevant industry topic: direct bookings. Because in a world where third-party costs keep rising, we know that driving direct is key. We’ve already recapped Direct Booking... read more »

Surge Alert!

We know that you might not be able to check your Data Platform all the time, and now you don’t need to! Our latest tool lets you know when disparity is starting to get ugly, and you don’t need to do a thing. How it works Surge Alert... read more »

Triptease interviews Mats Persson, Sirvoy

Last week we caught up with Mats Persson about Sirvoy's exciting plans in the US and South America and his views on what's really important in the guest experience. So, Mats Persson, tell us what's new? Well, we're really excited about the direction Sirvoy is taking - for the past... read more »

Meet Greg Duff, speaker at the Direct Booking Summit

We’re really excited to announce that Greg Duff will be speaking at our upcoming Direct Booking Summit - a conference that brings the industry together for the definitive discussion of this year's hot topic: direct bookings.  Greg chairs GSB’s national Hospitality, Travel & Tourism law practice and also... read more »

The Best Benefits for Price Check Conversion

What do your guests really really want? Here's what happened when we asked them… On a sunny Thursday morning in Holborn, we embarked on a mission. It was time to find out what really makes your guests book direct. Leaving an online survey on the boil, we also took to... read more »

Is your best rate guarantee accurate?

Part 2 of What's in a widget? (Missed part 1? - check out the need for speed) A speedy widget is great for conversions, but today we're taking a peep at a slightly trickier beast to tame: accuracy. Best Rate Guarantee There they are. The three most over-used words in... read more »

The practice of 'dimming' by online travel agents

The Washington Post published an article: ‘how online travel agencies are ‘dimming’ results on hotel searches’. As of July 21, OTA Insight said that slightly more than 1 percent of Expedia’s 260,000 hotel properties were dimmed. “From one day to the next, a hotel chain can go from... read more »

Revenue Strategy Summit - debrief

Revenue strategy has evolved. It’s no longer a matter of choosing a single practice to increase a company’s revenue and valuation. Instead, it’s now a complex combination that involves determining the best practices and integrating them with the best technology available and most appropriate approaches to pricing... read more »

Watch: State of the industry - insight from STR

Last month at the Direct Booking Summit, Robin Rossman, Managing Director, STR Global, gave us an overview of the hotel industry as it is today, including independent analysis that the current economic climate has had on hotels, their occupancy rates and the demand vs supply  STR analyse the performance of... read more »

What's on hoteliers' minds (Part 2)

What do hoteliers really think about direct bookings? What works and doesn't?   Mahmoud Hegazy, Director of Sales, Hilton Doha STOP CLICKING AROUND. It's a message that's hit the world, from billboards and prime-time commercials to stolen glimpses over shoulders in the train... So it's no surprise that Hilton believe... read more »

Overcoming the Distribution Challenge

Revinate resonates. And you know why? We had our guesses, but tracked down Kelly Robb for the real answers. Revinate’s Director of Market Intelligence shared her insights on the challenges hoteliers are facing today, and what can be done to increase direct bookings. Just like our chat with Kelly’... read more »

Watch: The big meta question

The big question: where do metasearch loyalties lie?  With hotels or with OTAs? Are they a help of a hindrance? We all know it's a complicated relationship to frame in black and white, but at the Direct Booking Summit we explored the meta grey zones with our friends over at... read more »

Watch: Regulation to the rescue, with Ufi Ibrahim.

The hospitality industry has played a huge part in improving the employment rate in Britain; one in three jobs that has been created in the last five years has been in the hospitality industry. The British Hospitality Association (BHA) is Britain’s fourth largest employer, employing around 4.2million people.... read more »

What's on hoteliers' minds? (Part 1)

We've been asking hoteliers what's on their minds at the moment and the results are pretty interesting... Todd Orlich, General Manager, Montage Beverly Hills What sets Montage Hotels apart from its competition? Getting to know guests on a personal level. It's true that personalisation is important to many hotels, but... read more »

Spider Webs and Disparities

Finally the sun has arrived in London and we’re celebrating with a spell of spring cleaning over on the Triptease Platform plus your personal disparity-busting checklist: 1) Get to the root of the problem with 'Check OTA' click out We've been showing you a live list of cases when... read more »

Watch: Direct Booking Summit Highlights Video!

Hundreds of Top Hoteliers Came Together for the Definitive Discussion of this Year’s Hot Topic: Direct Bookings Last week saw the launch of the industry’s first-ever Direct Booking Summit (Europe). More than 150 industry experts gathered together on June 30 to discuss the #DirectIsBest movement. The industry’s... read more »

What BoJo did for hotels this summer.

A number of newspapers have suggested that the last thing Boris Johnson (BoJo) expected was to actually win the EU referendum. On the morning the result became clear, he looked as surprised as everyone else. His victory triggered a chaotic couple of weeks in London. Amidst the shock of the... read more »

It happened! The Direct Booking Summit EU

What a day. Take a look: Check out the agenda for Washington, September 13 Over 150 delegates descended upon the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel today for our inaugural Direct Booking Summit. We heard from our direct booking demi-gods about what hoteliers around the world can do to boost bookings. We... read more »

5 things to take away from HITEC

We had a great time in New Orleans last week feasting on beignets and jambalaya and of course, hosting a booth at HITEC. Missed the memo? HITEC (Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference) is an annual conference where hospitality professionals interact with the latest hospitality technology through a series of... read more »

MD Rebeca González talks Roiback

Tell me about ROIBACK; what role do you play in a hotelier’s distribution strategy? Roiback, as a specialist in direct channel for hotels, is presented as an efficient solution as it manages to increase sales with low  costs lowering hotel cost distribution. Due to the quickly evolving industry, the... read more »

Months in the making and almost here...

It’s been months in the making and it’s almost here. The direct booking event of the year - the Direct Booking Summit. When we launched back in April we couldn’t have anticipated the overwhelming demand for ticket and involvement. The phone has been ringing practically non-stop! We’... read more »

The 5 Hottest Events for Hoteliers 2016

Kicking off from June this Summer, we’re excited with what this year’s roster of events has in store. Split between niche summits in the UK and top-level conferences out in the US, we’ve handpicked 5 events we think are going to be our favourites for 2016. Jump... read more »

The Data Dilemma

At a conference this morning I heard Scott Crawford‎, Senior Director of eCommerce at Expedia, share some jaw-dropping insights: Expedia... sells a room every 6 seconds has over 189bn rows of consumer data - enough to fill 6.7bn 200-page books! employs over 700 data scientists and analysts runs circa... read more »

We welcome new Triptease investor Jonathan Worsley

We are pleased to announce that renowned industry luminary Jonathan Worsley has made an (undisclosed) investment in Triptease, joining existing investors which include Notion Capital and Episode 1. Jonathan is Chairman at Bench Events, one of the world’s largest and most successful events companies for the hospitality investment industry,... read more »

Price Check Update Alert!

We're excited to unveil a new Price Check feature: supporting Closed User Group Pricing. It's no lie that hotel groups everywhere are upping their loyalty game with exclusive member offers and rates. You only have to flick through our blog to see the big names hopping on this trend as... read more »

3 reasons why personalisation is a handy hotelier tool

Hospitality has hit a new age where personalisation is paramount to perfecting 5-star customer service. At least that's what Oberoi Hotels president Kapil Chopra and Lebua Hotels CEO Deepak Ohri think. More and more guests are expecting individualised holiday experiences, and so an increasing number of hotel groups are jumping... read more »

Did someone say Direct Fully Booked Summit?

In four weeks' time we're anticipating we'll be much wiser (and possibly calmer!) people after our Direct Booking Summit. Plans have been shaping up very well and this week we've been busy preparing with our speakers and putting together a very special treat for the delegates. We've been so busy... read more »

A billion dollar sinkhole

Did you realise that on average, the direct hotel price is undercut by an OTA one in four times? This level of undercutting is costing hotels over $1Bn a year in direct bookings.  Check out our infographic below and the full report here for more. Want to be part of... read more »

5 Ways to Master Millennials' Booking Trends

Millennials - the tech-savvy lot born between 1980 and 2000 - have a real passion for travel; more so than the likes of Generation X and the Baby-Boomers. Marked as the most travelled demographic going, stats say 70% of Millennials took at least one leisure trip in 2013 and a... read more »

Snapchat - Starwood's latest vision

Is Snapchat the up and coming social media platform for building brand loyalty? Although popular social media channel Snapchat has taken Millennial and Generation Z smartphones by storm, it hasn't yet seen much use as a business marketing tool - well, at least not a whole lot in hospitality anyway.... read more »

Interview with Daniel Wishnia, GCH Hotel Group

Let me tell you a secret. Our Chief Tease can be a broken record at times. "What would help hoteliers drive direct bookings?" The track just keeps cropping up. This week, we got the chance to chat to GCH Hotel Group's Director of Digital Promotion and e-Commerce Management, Daniel Wishnia... read more »

Stats show direct booking is 9% more profitable

According to Kalibri Labs' analysis, bookings via official hotel websites are showing 9% higher profitability than bookings made through OTAs. Launching in 2011, Kalibri Labs is a major US-based data firm, which monitors everything from bookings and revenue to customer acquisition. After observing the big brand hotels announcing their direct... read more »

'Direct is Better' according to HeBS

Max Starkov, CEO of HeBS Digital argued last week that hotels should adopt a ‘Direct is Better’ distribution strategy. He makes three very valid points in his blog post: 1. Hotels need to link incentives, bonuses and compensation to the direct online channel A major reason why hotels struggle to... read more »

Our Top 10 Articles on Direct Bookings in 2016

The hot topic of 2016 - direct booking is the new way of booking online. What with everyone chatting about it, there really is no doubt that the direct booking movement is the talk of the travel and hospitality industry. A topical theme at conferences and ever more present in... read more »

Rate parity: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Rate parity clauses are not unique to the hotel sector. Amazon notably had a clause restricting Marketplace sellers from offering products cheaper elsewhere, until they removed the clause in Europe under pressure from regulators. What's noteworthy is how long these clauses have remained in OTA contracts across most countries despite... read more »

#TravelPathtoPurchase: what about direct booking?

Another day, another study about booking behaviour. This one is an important one. Expedia Media Solutions has released ‘The British Traveller’s Path to Purchase”. Oh jolly good. Tally ho as we dive right in. According to the study, 50 million digital UK users ‘consume’ 239 billion digital minutes each... read more »

Choice Hotels to boost its Direct Booking plan

Hotels really are taking a stand. Big US brand Choice Hotels will be joining the likes of Hilton and Hyatt in the bid to drive more direct bookings. This week, its CCO Robert McDowell announced that the company will be introducing exclusive hotel rates toward the end of the summer,... read more »

Money talks and IHG are shouting loudly

Savvy consumers have already woken up to the benefits of booking direct; now it looks like IHG wants the world to know! Setting up shop (or should we say guestroom) along the bustling South Bank in London, the IHG team have taken to the streets today to promote their Rewards... read more »

The problem with data

Data is a wonderful thing. Data is a dangerous thing. Here's a fabulous correlation that proves the point: Next time you're shown data to prove something, pause a moment and dig a little deeper. Never take statistics at face value.   We're pretty obsessed with A/B testing and proving... read more »

The Question on Chatbots - Human or Robot?

Content was King. But the world is changing fast. Now, as Rax Lakhani at Diffusion phrases it, the C-word has changed. Now, Conversation is King. This week, Booking.c launched their own chatbots, following in the groove carved by other industry giants such as Expedia and the chat concierge services... read more »

Hilton steps up direct booking campaign with 360º video

Travel and tourism brands are taking advantage of the digital space an increasing amount, and more recently we’ve noticed the incorporation of the 360º video. Providing the user with an inspiring 360º visual, this virtual reality concept acts as an effective immersive strategy when marketing to consumers. These videos... read more »

Hyatt Hotels hold Gold Passport for Direct Booking

Thanks to huge names in the hospitality industry prioritising direct booking, including the likes of Hilton and Marriott, it was only a matter of time before more and more hotels started to explore this up-and-coming industry trend. With the intention to strengthen relationships with their consumers by building up trust... read more »

The Impact of Chatbots in Travel and Hospitality

With technology advancement forever in motion, companies are constantly finding new ways to make for a smoother and more convenient customer service system while simultaneously saving on outgoings. Whether looking to purchase your next flight, browsing a new pair of trainers or even just scrolling through an eye-catching news feed,... read more »

A Professional Insight into the Swiss Hospitality Industry

With a view to gather further information about the hospitality industry in Switzerland, our GM James Osmond arranged an interview with Mr. Thomas Allemann of hotelleriesuisse. The association is put in place to protect the interests of the Swiss hotel sector, offering hoteliers memberships, partnerships and alternative ways that provide... read more »

Phone hotels for a better price

Australian consumer affairs show The Checkout from ABC, just created an OTA-parity explainer video of biblical proportions. As part of their research they called a number of hotels to see if they could get a better rate direct. The calls worked and they give consumers a clear and simple recommendation:... read more »

The secret to Airbnb's customer service thinking

A comment from Alex Alt, President of Sabre Hospitality, stuck with me last week. He was talking about Airbnb's impact on the industry: "the challenge of Airbnb is not the new inventory, its the innovations in customer experience" This comment runs contrary to the opinions expressed by a group of... read more »

Hotel CEOs desperate for direct bookings

Last month CEOs from a few of the greatest hotel brands in the world came together for a chat at IHIF, The International Hotel Industry Forum, in Berlin. The videos have just been released. Time to share a few highlights - there was lots of discussion on direct booking! I... read more »

PhocusWright Europe 2016 in Dublin

This morning Charlie, our Chief Tease, was on Dublin City Radio talking about the upcoming PhocusWright Europe Conference, May 10th-12th 2016. In case you don't know PhocusWright, this is the #1 travel innovation event on the planet. Last year Triptease was named Travel Innovator of the Year by the judges... read more »

Sabre Hospitality Customer Forum 2016

Sitting on a plane back from the annual Sabre customer conference in Las Vegas seems like a great time to collect a few thoughts. This was a high-production event held at The Bellagio. With 300 attendees from over 100 hotel groups, the audience collectively managed the websites and online distribution... read more »

8 Reasons Why Direct Bookings Matter for Hotels

This month the CEOs from Priceline and Expedia attempted to dissuade hoteliers from efforts to drive direct bookings. In specific circumstances they may have a point. Newly-opened hotels, for example, can get to break-even more quickly by focussing on OTA-led distribution in year one. But in general, hoteliers guffaw at... read more »

The Cities where Start-ups Boom

Have an original idea you want to make a reality? Whether you've already imagined your brainchild becoming an exciting, up-and-coming empire or you're simply on the search for some creative inspiration, then this video with our very own Chief Tease Charlie Osmond could be a top place to start: Now... read more »

The Triptease Difference

Since we launched Price Check in February 2015, we’ve seen the market explode with a desire for showing OTA prices directly on the hotel website. All around the web, widgets are popping up to demonstrate how the direct price compares. It’s been great to witness all that growth.... read more »

Three reasons why ITB 2016 was like no other

We recently landed back from Berlin after a phenomenal ITB. Year on year, tens of thousands of travel professionals descend upon this city to show off their wares and do the kind of business that would make Lord Alan Sugar feel proud. Our visit to the world’s largest travel... read more »

Trust, speed and the race to The White House

How Primaries Impact Demand in the US According to STR data analysis, past US presidential elections have caused a spike in hotel demand. Looking at five election cycles since 2000, Hotel News Now was able to identify that a competitive race results in increased demand and room revenue spending. What... read more »

Reviews, rewards and hotel revenues

Good Reviews Drive Revenues Whether or not Airbnb is stealing share from hotels, one thing it does demonstrate is the power of guest reviews. A study released jointly by Everbooked and LearnAirbnb has found that the number of reviews for a property on Airbnb is directly correlated to its occupancy... read more »

Goodbye Google right-side Ads

Ads visible above the fold have dropped from 10 to 3 this week. Google drew the line under the era of text adverts on the right of their results pages. It’s a big step for the search giant, with mixed motivation, but sets in motion a bigger step for... read more »

What to do with $7M funding…?

Caught the headlines? That’s right, Triptease have received $7M Series A funding First and foremost, we'd like to extend a huge thank you to our investors, including venture capital funds Notion Capital and Episode 1. It takes awesome to recognise awesome. We’re already working away at our ambition... read more »


Hilton launches direct booking campaign and they aren't mincing their words. Hilton are joining the groundswell for direct bookings in their latest advertising campaign. This follows in the wake of Marriott's #itpaystobookdirect last year, cementing an increasingly vocal industry mood. The Fold7 campaign, ‘Stop Clicking Around’ debuted on Monday night... read more »

"We are fighters" - Teasers on the pitch

The darkness of late Thursday evening saw a new and formidable force emerge into the floodlit pitches of Camden Football grounds. By day, pro teasers from Product right through to Customer Success, by night, football stars. Well, nearly. TWO GLORIOUS GOALS It was a tense game, beautifully played and with... read more »

‘Extraordinary Mind’ scooping up HSMAI awards

Congratulations to HSMAI Extraordinary Mind, Chief Tease Charlie Osmond Extraordinary Mind Charlie just loves startups. Straight after graduating from Oxford with a degree in engineering, Charlie built his first business, FreshMinds Research. This remains the only research consultancy twice named UK Market Research Agency of the Year (MRS). Following on... read more »

Social media: the psychology of success

90% US hotels have a social media presence and rest of the globe is following suit; and why wouldn’t you make use of this powerful, far reaching and cost effective tool? On the other hand, it’s a noisy and constantly evolving sphere. Triptease takes a look at how... read more »

Leading OTA CMO joins Triptease

Elliott Pritchard, welcome to Triptease LONDON 6 January 2016. Elliott Pritchard, former CMO of leading European OTA Travel Republic, has joined hotel technology start-up Triptease as Chief Marketing Officer. His previous roles spanned the travel industry, including stints at P&O Cruises and Kuoni, as well as working with... read more »

2016: The Forecast

We take a look at the growth of major trends and the single most important explosion poised to hit hospitality in 2016. Yesterday we found out that the ruffled feathers at were last year’s biggest news story –we’re glad last week’s analysis of the biggest... read more »

2015: The Review

Fireworks poised, champagne cooled and we’re ready to ring in the New Year. Before we can set our resolutions, let’s take a glance back at the headlines that made us sit up in 2015. It’s a mobile world The ongoing trend towards mobile search and booking has... read more »

Rekindling brand intimacy

  Of 200 brands ranked by brand intimacy in MBLM’s study last month, travel companies came out worst. Comfortably the lowest of nine industries assessed, travel is increasingly perceived to be confusing and impersonal. Why? We decided to look at the concept of brand intimacy, its importance and how... read more »

Hotels unite under Hotrec’s ‘Book Direct’ campaign

Hotels are joining forces to educate their customers about the benefits of booking direct. Competing with OTA marketing budgets is tough, especially for smaller, independent hotels. Hats off to OTA marketers who convinced the world that their best rate guarantees couldn’t be bettered elsewhere, but this has caused an... read more »

Over 50 and Overlooked

Millennials? In 2016, it’s about looking for older news. The boomers, a generation turning 50 now, control 70% of all disposable income. It’s no surprise that more than any other group, 45 to 54 year olds spend this on the ultimate luxury: holidays. In the UK alone, boomers... read more »

I’m dreaming of a booked out Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go, and what a busy season for the hospitality industry, with parties, family visits and early Christmas presents – not such a silent night after all! What better time to capture the festive spirit? We take a look at some... read more »

Airbnb: threat or idol?

Boasting more than 60,000,000 guests in over 34,000 cities and 190 countries, Airbnb seems to stand for a seismic shift in the dynamic between suppliers and consumers not only in the hospitality industry, but rippling out to the wider economy. We take a look at behind Airbnb’... read more »

PhocusWright 2015: The Ones to Watch

PhocusWright is all about innovation. We love innovation, but also know that true innovation comes hand in hand with problem-solving. That’s why we’re PhocusWright Europe’s Innovator of the Year and People’s Choice. Introducing the Triptease top 5 problem-solvers to watch from PhocusWright TIS 2015: 5) Proxce... read more »

Do Direct Bookers Make for Better Lovers?

How can you distinguish between your bookers? Is someone who books via a third party the same as someone who books direct? Find out in our first ever webinar with Tnooz,. Our Chief Tease Charlie Osmond explores just why Direct Bookers Make for Better Lovers: And catch the slides here.... read more »

4 ways to make your guests happier

This year's Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester will focus on a crucial issue for hoteliers: how to connect and communicate with prospective guests. While this concern affects even the largest hotel chains, it is perhaps most pressing for smaller, independent operators, who have to make up for not enjoying the... read more »

Get On Your Phone and Enjoy Your Holiday

The days when parents discouraged their children from using their mobiles and tablets while on holiday have passed, and the tables have turned. It was recently reported that 61% of parents have admitted to giving their phone or tablet to their children to distract them on holiday, and with the... read more »

#itpaystobookdirect - Marriott's not the only one

It was only a matter of time until a big hotel group launched a campaign celebrating the virtues of booking direct.  Marriott recently announced #itpaystobookdirect. The international company with over 4,000 hotels enlisted Grace Helbig, a popular YouTuber turned best-selling author and talk-show host to front the campaign. A... read more »

Shorten the delay in gratification

It doesn’t end at ‘Book Now’. Add in social media content to get guests excited Building a relationship involves trust and this is no different between hotels and their guests. People are unsurprisingly reluctant to give away vast quantities of their money to organisations they don’t trust. To... read more »

The Key to Facing the Traveller Tribes of 2030

It’s not about where you come from; it’s about where you’re going…or at least, where you see yourself going. That’s the message from global distribution system Amadeus in its “Traveller Tribes of 2030” report. It has identified six groups of travellers that will dominate the... read more »

Tell me what else I could have

68% of people said it was useful when they are shown what add-ons they can pay for during the booking process In what is emerging as an increasingly competitive market, we are seeing a key trend toward more and more personalisation on hotel websites. Both small independents and large multinational... read more »

Are humanless hotels the future?

Last week we wrote about the hotel that is run by robots . We asked travel expert and Digital Sociologist Lisa Talia Moretti to dig deeper. Our question: will technology eventually replace humans in providing the best guest experience? Here's what she said: I write this after yet another whirlwind business... read more »

The Hotel That Really is a Well-Oiled Machine

They’ve passed the self-awareness test, killed a worker in Germany and now they’re about to open their own hotel. Specifically, the Henn-na Hotel in Tokyo, run by humanoid robots, from the check-in staff to the concierge and even the porter. Granted, there are 10 humans working behind the... read more »

Is travel's best kept secret finally out?

We’ve suggested it’s the industry’s best kept secret, but it looks like travellers are rapidly becoming more clued up about the benefits of booking direct. The annual MMGY survey found that US travelers prefer to book direct rather than use online travel agencies. Why? For both price... read more »

How Marriott is leading the way for hotel brands

Since the introduction of mobile check-in in July 2013, Marriott's industry-leading mobile app has continued to develop at a rapid pace. As innovation follows innovation, we look into what makes the app so unique, and what other hotel brands can learn from Marriott's new brand of high technology. Your own... read more »

I can't get no (hotel) satisfaction

The results are in! Booking site Hotel Info surveyed over six million reviews from their hotel guests to find which European cities and countries fare best in guest satisfaction – and you might be quite surprised by what they discovered. The unexpected guest favourites Interestingly, eastern and central European cities did... read more »

How to score a booking on the first date

71% of people agreed that being shown prices on dates either side of the ones they’ve selected is useful to them We’re a picky bunch, and never more so than when it comes to finding dates to actually go away on. People will constantly chop and change their... read more »

Four simple steps to more direct bookings

It's perhaps the travel industry's best kept secret but booking a hotel room direct can often work out cheaper than booking through an agent. In fact, even in cases where an agent’s rate is less than the direct price, most hotels will happily match it if asked. The problem... read more »

Make it simple, short and clean

Rule number one for smoother direct bookings When booking a hotel we’re a picky bunch, but most of the time, we don’t really know what we want. The average person will visit 38 websites over a 45-day period to find the right destination at the right price*. This... read more »

What do people want when booking a hotel?

Booking a hotel room should be a joy. Whether it's the change of scenery, the room service or the mini bar, there's normally always something to look forward to. However all too often hotel websites disappoint guests. 94% of people have abandoned a booking lately, and 29%  did so because... read more »

3 top hotel content marketing tactics: hacked

Businesses in every sector and of every size are stepping up their content marketing efforts. Evidence can be found in start-up Dollar Shave club adding more journalists to payroll while Linkedin increases its focus on Pulse, a channel allowing users to publish their own content. For hoteliers, it takes a... read more »

Are hotels being bullied?

It's a 3-day weekend for many but not for everyone at Triptease. This weekend two of the three Charlies (Granger and Osmond) head off to Dubai for Arabian Travel Market. For those of you attending be sure to find the latter Charlie, our Chief Tease, speaking on a panel about... read more »

Be mobile ready and boost your bookings

I recently joined the Triptease Customer Love team and have been spending my first month speaking to hoteliers about the challenges they face: from testing new products like ours to industry issues like how they can work on personalising their booking journey. It was with great interest then that I... read more »

The 4 biggest travel stories of the week

Blink and you'll miss it. As usual we've looked through the last seven days of travel news and picked out the stories you need to know. This week you get a bonus article so make sure you read to the end: BOOKING.COM ALLOWS HOTELS TO OFFER CHEAPER PRICES THROUGH... read more »

3 important travel stories of the week

What a week it's been. We've been signing up new hotels at a rapid rate and with the weekend on its way, feast your eyes on the three most important travel stories of the week: 9 lessons to learn from the industry's best We'll soon be launching a white paper... read more »

The secret to increasing direct bookings by 35%

Everybody wants in on a secret. That's why today we're announcing that since launching Price Check in January, we've helped hundreds of hoteliers increase their direct bookings by 35% on average. So far 300 properties have integrated our smart widget and we're busy adding new hotel groups at an increasing... read more »

Travel news from Easter week

A four day week has its ups and downs, which this week has included an office move! The boxes have been unpacked and the phones are up and running so it's time for our post on this week's need-to-know travel news. 18% OF SINGLE MILLENNIALS WOULD ALSO USE AN IN-FLIGHT... read more »

How to know you're booking a hotel direct

By speaking to thousands of hoteliers every day we're always uncovering new issues in the travel industry. There's a new one in town: the new wave of third party sites. On the face of things they look just like a hotel's website but behind the scenes it is actually being... read more »

How to use hotel service to build your brand

What is a brand? It's easy to get swept up with shiny marketing campaigns and think it's all about advertising, but the core of any successful brand is the sum total of interactions people have with the business at any stage, online or offline. For hotels that runs all the... read more »

3 ways hoteliers can help fix travel

Travel is broken. So says travel expert and Huffington Post blogger, Doug Lanksy, who took to the stage at TedX Stockholm recently. His question is one that is close to our hearts: how do we fix travel? First we have to understand why it's broken. It's big business (worth $1.... read more »

3 things hoteliers need to know this week

It's never a dull week at Triptease! In London the phones have been ringing non-stop, our growing tech team have had their heads down delivering Price Check to more clients and our Chief Tease, Charlie, has flown across the pond to attend very important meetings with co-founder Alex. Safe to... read more »

Bad service please, we're British

Brits do a lot of things well. A good cup of tea, a loveable accent and the ability to make a lot of money from an illustrious and bloody history.  Unfortunately, when it comes to service in the travel industry, Britain falls short of the friendly, helpful experience many European... read more »

3 travel stories you probably missed this week

Busy week? You probably missed these three need-to-know travel stories. So get a brew on and ease your way into the weekend with our picks from the past 7 days: Have you been skewed by Google? Google has been manipulating travel search results. Unsurprisingly this didn't fly with the Federal... read more »

5 things millennials want from hotels

You can't escape the term 'millennials'. In fact, this is our second blog post about them in a single week following our Selfie Stick experiment post. You can run, you can hide, but the millennials are coming to get you. Why? They've got the monies. 18-to-35 year olds are charging... read more »

Want a room upgrade? Buy an Apple Watch

Everyone wants a free room upgrade. A quick search for 'how to get a room upgrade' generates 375 million Google search results. While there are hundreds of blog posts offering hints and tips about how to do it (guilty: we even wrote one ourselves) we've realised that there's one sure... read more »

Why selfie sticks sell hotel rooms

It seems everyone wants to attract more millennials. Born between 1980 and 2000, they're tech savvy, they're starting up companies, they're increasing their spending power like you wouldn't believe. That's why more and more travel companies are launching campaigns targeted at capturing some of that hard earned cash. One example... read more »

Triptease visits the Generator Berlin

Last week the Triptease team visited ITB in Berlin. We blogged about what we uncovered at the world's leading trade show and today we thought we'd bring you an update of where we stayed: The Generator Hostel, Berlin Mitte. We love the Generator brand. Over the years we've seen it... read more »

Will DreamCheaper cost the hotel industry?

Yesterday we spotted TechCrunch’s write up about DreamCheaper: could it become the hotel industry’s most hated start-up? We’ll be honest – we found the article as we were mentioned, but it got us thinking about what this Berlin-based start-up might mean for the industry. Some of the hoteliers... read more »

What the Apple Watch means for hotels

It's finally here. Yesterday Apple finally released details of the its new Watch. Starting at $349 and going up to a whopping $10,000, the new device is set to do to timepieces what the iPhone did to lowly mobile phone in the days of keypads and flip phones. We... read more »

ITB Berlin 2015: what we uncovered

Today marked the start of ITB Berlin. Those of you following our blog will know that we’ve been planning the trip for a few weeks now and the whole Triptease team has been out in force, visiting the Messe Berlin grounds telling travel industry experts about how we help... read more »

Three things you probably missed at #TTE15

Another week, another travel trade show. With ITB looming next week, the Triptease team headed down to Olympia, London for a trip around #TTE15: Travel Technology Europe 2015. Billed as Europe’s specialist exhibition and conference for technology and e-marketing buyers, our Chief Tease Charlie Osmond took to the Innovate... read more »

Do you suffer from travel booking angst?

Think about your last holiday. How many websites or apps did you visit? Did you buy any books? How many emails, messages or texts did you send to friends and family to get some insider info? All of this planning is fun for some but not all. For some, spending... read more »

The only way is budget?

Budget hotels, like Middle Class consumer’s shopping at Aldi and Lidl, were thought to be a response to the recession. Naturally more people will stay at budget and their slightly more upmarket cousins, “budget chic” hotels if money is tighter. But now we are, for the most part, out... read more »

Four ways to improve hotel websites

If you’re a regular visitor to our site you may have noticed that we’ve updated our website. If you’re not, welcome! During the process we’ve been thinking about hotel websites – after all, the average traveller visits 38 sites before pressing ‘book now’. How can you make... read more »

How to generate revenue using social media

As a direct channel, social media is one of the best ways to engage with customers. As a revenue channel however, many have been failing to generate profitable returns. Before you rush out to hire the first credible sounding “social media ninja” you can find, or invest in a complex... read more »


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