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Section 1 – Price Check

  • How can I get Price Check on my website?

    Contact us today

  • How can I update the text on my Price Check?

    You can edit all your basic Price Check settings such as location, color and wording by clicking on the “Price Check” tab in your Analytics Dashboads.
    Check out our guide for customising Price Check for tips for top conversion.

  • How can I change the position of Price Check?

    You can edit all your basic Price Check settings such as location, color and wording by clicking on the “Price Check” tab in your Analytics Dashboads.
    Check out our guide for customising Price Check for tips for top conversion.

  • Can I show more OTAs on my widget? How?

    The first question seems to easy: yes. You can display up to 5 OTAs on each Price Check. Just drop us a note on customersuccess@triptease.com.

  • How do I know it's working?

    >We know that Price Check gives guests that reassurance and transparency they need to make a booking. But do you? The results you see may be swayed by both your website traffic and how well you've optimised the tool. Just contact us (top right) if you could do with some advice :)
    Psst.. why not check out the stories and results of some of our larger clients and booking engines? They're big enough to churn through lots of data - so you can predict they future for your own Price Checking! Handy...

  • Why can you not compare prices by room type?

    Price Check is like a top sniffer dog, hunting down the cheapest price from each channel irrespective of room and rate type. Unlke traditional rate checkers, it thinks like a customer: "where can I get the cheapest price?"- a bit like a meta search engine. If you flipped that around you'd lose out on snffing out all of those parity issues in your Disparity Dungeon. Good boy.

  • How long does it usually take to get Price Check installed on my website?

    45 days. Don't worry, you'll be assigned your very own specialist technology leads to guide you through every step. Think of them as your personal shopper: All you'll need to do is decide on your Price Check look (perhaps with a few fashion tips thrown in) - and put us in touch with your booking engine and website developer.

  • Which languages can Price Check speak?

    Like us all here at Triptease, Price Check loves to travel. It can currently speak 20 languages, but would love to learn more - let us know if you'd like to suggest his next adventure! (Just a quick warning: If you've got a really unusual benefit, you might need to give us a hand with the translation to make sure it has that je ne sais quoi.)
    Portuguese (Brazilian)

    However, if you would like to add bespoke text, we will need you to provide us with the translations.

  • Does Price Check work on mobile?

    Yes! what a question! Price Check is of course fully responsive to your viewer's screen.

Section 2 – Enchantment

  • I don't have enchantment! :( How do I get it??

    Easy - head on over to the Enchantment tab in your Platform. Click 'new'. Go! (Told you it was easy - but should you need a nudge when you get there, we've even got a nice little enchantment walkthrough) You'll get a free month but careful! - we'll be in touch at the end :)
    Creating a really powerful message takes a little more nuance though - but fear not, we've assembled some top tips for a spellbinding campaign.

  • I'm already enchanting guests, but it's time to update the message. What now?

    Head on over to the Enchantment tab in your Analytics Dashboards. Here's a quick walkthrough to get you up and running.
    *Disclaimer: if you're one of the lucky few who sweet-talked us into setting up a custom campaign, let us know what you need done at customersuccess@triptease.com and there'll be a Customer Success Manager on hand to go through the process with you.

  • Tell more more about using multiple campaigns to drive revenue!

    Ok we cheated. That's not really a frequently asked question. More of an outcry. Crowds gather outside our offices, just to rejoice at the amount of awesome a little old campiagn editor can contain.
    It's ok - we'll save you the trip! Here's a walkthrough of our Campaign Editor plus a few tips on writing spellbinding campiagns. You're welcome.

  • Enchantment is gone! Where is it?

    Think back: when did you see it last? No really. Enchantment Messages only appear to each guest once every 7 days. This is to make sure we are not irritating your guests by showing them too many messages. So if it hasn't been a week yet, no need for alarm. You can test this by browsing your own site 'incognito' - sneaky.

    Still nothing? We'll do a little healthcheck for you - just let us know at customersuccess@triptease.com.

  • How often does Enchantment show?

    Enchantment appears only once every 7 days for each guest. It's a great piece of advice my father once gave me: "don't be annoying".

  • How much revenue have I generated so far?

    Ah hah! The fun bit! Head on over to your 'Enchantment' tab and you'll see all the numbers in a nice clear funnel. Who saw it? Who clicked? (and by clicked, we mean the CTA, not the 'x'!) and who went on to book within 12 hours? It's all there, along with the lovely revenue total. Free money really.

  • How much revenue should I expect?

    Well it really depends on what you're saying in your message! On average, we see 8% uplift in conversion from Enchantment alone. My top tip is: keep it short and fun! But maybe you should check out our full blog for more clever tricks (it's also short and fun!)

  • How do I know that the bookings you claim are actually a result of Enchantment?
    Ever seen those Jimmy Choos following you round the internet after you oggled them for hours? Exit intent messages aren't new - and they work. We've pieced together all the learnings we can find in (many, many) studies have applied best pracice and tweak with all the fun data we see across over 12,000 hotels. Whoa.

    So a couple of fun facts:
    • About 7% guests who click on Enchantment go on to book a room.
    • Guests who see Enchantment but don't click right away convert in about 0.7% cases.
    That means you have the opportunity to multiply your conversions TENFOLD by writing your enchanting message. A veritable Shakespeare of the booking funnel.
  • Can I make Enchantment apper more often (or less)?

    Not at the moment, sorry! We've fixed this one across all our clients because we really don't want to be hassling anyone's guests. Trust us though: it's the perfect balance to optimize your revenue.

  • Why should I have Enchantment live across my whole website?

    75% guests do not make it to the booking engine.

  • Does Enchantment work on mobile?

    No, sorry. Enchantment is triggered by mouse movements so we're still scratching our heads about how to recreate the effect on mobile (without being annoying).

Section 3 - Analytics Platform

  • What do I do if can't replicate a disparity?
    This is your holy trinity of quick, easy checks to get you up and running faster than we can pick up the phone:

    • Step 1:
      Ask yourself: Is the rate being compared the cheapest rate available on your direct channel?
      If YES: Proceed to Step 2
      If NO: It’s likely that the guest who discovered that particular disparity entered the Booking Engine via an ‘offers’ button or a ‘packages’ route. Triptease will always compare the cheapest rate on each channel. For the Direct Price, we take the cheapest price on that particular page. So it would compare the package rate (i.e. Dinner, B&B plus a spa package) to the cheapest available rate on the OTA for that same date search.

      What do I do to stop these from appearing in the dungeon?
      Your Booking Engine should be able to configure the widget to exclude specific rates from appearing. Please email your Booking Engine provider copying in customersuccess@triptease.com to support with any confusion. This is not something that can be done on the Triptease side (unless we completed the integration via Google Tag Manager for you).
    • Step 2:
      Make sure you haven't fallen foul to these common disparity-causing errors:
      • Is the currency the same?
      • Are the dates the same?
      • Are you checking on the same device as the disparity was picked up?
    • Step 3:
      Reconsider when you last updated the rates on the direct channel?
      Some channel managers can take a few hours to update the rates on the OTAs, so there is often a small window of time during which a guest searches and there is a true disparity. By the time you search, the disparity has been resolved. These should mark themselves as ‘resolved’ automatically.
      To avoid this, make sure that you are searching the disparities which were picked up very recently (within the last hour or two).

      Still can't replicate the disparity?
      Please email customersuccess@triptease.com.

      It's really helpful if you can provide us with these details so we can get to work immediately.
      In order for us to investigate, please provide the following information:
      • Hotel
      • Date search
      • Number of adults / children
      • Screenshot and URL of OTA
      • Screenshot and URL of Direct Site
      • Screenshot and URL of Dungeon
  • There's a lot in the Platform? What's the best way to get up to speed?

    With our fun intro guide: http://triptease.nickelled.com/analyticsguide

  • What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

    On the login page, you'll spot 'Reset your Password'. Try clicking that. If you're still having trouble, we are of course on hand at customersuccess@triptease.com

  • I can’t see any data in the platform, what should I do?

    Is your Price Check widget live yet? If not, the data will start to flow into the analytics platform once you are live.

    Still can’t see any data?
    You may have been automatically logged out, try refreshing the page and logging in again.

    Still nothing?
    Email us at customersuccess@triptease.com and we will be happy to help you.

  • How can I remind myself to check my disparities more often?

    We get that a lot. In the 'Account' tab on the Platform, you'll find you can set up reports to be sent to your email address whenever you want. Cool, huh?

  • "My team* should see this. How do I share?"

    In the Account section, head on over to the Admin tab to invite guests (and define their access privileges)
    *Feel free to replace team with 'boss' for added brownie points...

  • How do I filter out small disparities?

    Eat the frog: Get those big old warty disparities out of the way first. On your Parity Reports and Disparity Dungeon, you can switch the little guys 'off' to exclude them from your reports.

  • What happens if there's a sudden spike in disparities behind my back?

    Surge Alert! We can notify you of suspicious looking increases in disparity. To activate this and set up your own criteria, head to the Account tab in your Platform. Read on for all the details!

  • What is a ‘fixed disparity’?

    A fixed disparity is 'one we fixed earlier'. That means that we noticed a disparity, but another guest recreated the search and we found the disparity had already been eliminated. Poof - straight on over to the 'Resolved' tab with you!
    (This sometimes happens when you update your rates and it takes a little time for the new rates to go live on the OTAs.)